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Shawn Bouchard, March 03, 2009 at 10:55 AM
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I signed up for Twitter a ways back and then didn't do anything with it for months. I really didn't know why I should try to fit a blog post into 140 characters. It seemed silly and pointless. But then more and more people started using Twitter to keep in touch, to update friends on news and something twigged.

Arguably one of the more popular features of Facebook is the status update. Tracking what your friends are up to is fun. Even through the Facebook filter you can get a sense of their frame of mind at any given moment in time. Twitter has repacked the status update as a killer app and it's starting to build traction.

Twitter has quickly become the third largest social media site behind Facebook and MySpace respectively with roughly 6 million active users and 55 million monthly visitors. Twitter has achieved this position in a little under two years.

A number of high profile people tweet including President Barack Obama. He used Twitter quite effectively in his run for President but no longer uses the service now that he is in the Oval Office. Even Canada's Prime Minister uses Twitter.

So, why should you care? Well, apart from being in the know about the next big thing, using Twitter can be quite useful. For instance, I've signed up to a number of Twitter feeds from business blogs and newspapers. It's another way to manage information using a user-friendly and clean interface. Using a mobile client I can keep in touch with a range of people and information sources while on the go. It's like texting only better.

Twitter can also help your bottom line. Dell generated more than $1 million in sales over the Christmas holidays using Twitter-only promotions. So it seems social marketing does work. Now if I could only figure out how to update my Facebook status from Twitter!

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