It's summer

Davin Greenwell, July 27, 2010 at 5:13 PM

It's summer, and with summer comes the pain of having to stay in when it's so nice out. It doesn't really matter what your position is in design - if it's this kind of weather, the office is like a jail and wifi is like a ball and chain. Excuse the hyperbole - I imagine you can probably relate unless you hate nice weather. How do you get away from the screen and what do you do?

I just got back in from Trinidad and Tobago. Kenneth climbs up mountains in Nelson, and I'm not sure what Shawn does in Vancouver - take your pick of amazing outdoor activities there. The Smallbox office in Oak Bay is very close to Estevan Village and Willows Beach; great places to eat or grab a cold beverage, and then go for a walk on the sandy shores. I would have been walking there today if I hadn't rolled my ankle on the weekend playing tennis.

Is any of this work related? I suppose it could be. If you do plan on working for a company in a part of the world with summers as nice as this, be prepared to fight the urge to leave the desk and go outside and play. We're very fortunate to be working in this part of the world.

How about you, what are you filling your non-design time summer hours with?

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