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Lars Torben Wilson, Posted On: August 11, 2010 at 10:30 PM

IE bug forces a rethink

Up until now we've been quite happily using a custom CKEditor skin in its raw, unminified state. Then we received a call from a client, saying that she was getting weird errors when using the Smallbox admin interface in Internet Explorer. Turns out that she was being hit by a somewhat mind-boggling bug: IE--all versions--will only apply the first 31 stylesheets specified. When un-minified, the number of stylesheet files needed by the Smallbox CKEditor skin, combined with the number of Smallbox stylesheets, can exceed this limit.

One of the steps toward alleviating the problem is to minify (compress and obfuscate) our custom skin. However, CKEditor doesn't make it very clear how to do this, and there isn't much information out there on the topic. Which is odd, because this isn't the only reason you might want to minify a custom skin or plugin.